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Boost Energy

Say goodbye to crashes and jitters that come with traditional energy boosters. Our natural formula is designed to provide a smooth and lasting increase in vitality, supporting your mental clarity and focus throughout the day.

Improve Focus

Designed to ignite your mental clarity, our formula helps you stay on track and engaged, no matter the task. Experience a dynamic boost in mental clarity that fuels both innovation and concentration. Our formula empowers you to tap into your creative flow while maintaining unwavering attention.

Enhance Memory

Harness the power of improved recall and retention, empowering you to effortlessly retain and access information. Experience sharper cognitive function and a memory that's truly remarkable. Elevate your cognitive potential and embrace a future of sharper thinking and effortless recollection

Elevate Mood

Designed to support your mental equilibrium, our formula promotes a positive mood and emotional balance. Say goodbye to the lows and welcome a renewed sense of positivity. Elevate your cognitive experience and uplift your overall well-being with our transformative solution.

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LOCKED IN™ - Accretion Store
LOCKED IN™ - Accretion Store
LOCKED IN™ - Accretion Store
LOCKED IN™ - Accretion Store
LOCKED IN™ - Accretion Store
LOCKED IN™ - Accretion Store
LOCKED IN™ - Accretion Store
LOCKED IN™ - Accretion Store
LOCKED IN™ - Accretion Store
LOCKED IN™ - Accretion Store
LOCKED IN™ - Accretion Store
LOCKED IN™ - Accretion Store


How it works

3 Steps To End Procrastination 


Start doing the challanging task you have been putting off


Take one serving of LOCKED IN™


Efforlessly work as long as needed to acheive the desired result

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About Us

As a struggling college student, Gus had tried every option for increased focus available, but all had side effects of anxiety, jitters, crashes, and none seemed to work. Determined to find a better way, Gus discovered nootropics and thought that might be a superior solution. After diving deep and using himself as a guinea pig, he created a stack that was highly effective. It took him from being a struggling college student to easily making the Dean's list year after year, all while seeming to require less study time. He started sharing this formula with friends, and they had great results as well. With the help of his mentors, Scott and Erv, he was able to further refine the idea and assist others in achieving the same results on a larger scale.

Erv (Mentor)

Gus (Founder)

Scott (Mentor)


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New York

I've been using LOCKED IN™ for a few weeks now, and the results have been nothing short of amazing. Unlike the jittery highs and crashes from energy drinks I used to depend on, this supplement offers a sustained and focused energy throughout the day. My mental clarity has improved significantly, helping me tackle complex tasks with ease. 





LOCKED IN™ gives me a smooth, non-jittery boost in energy & focus. The other fucus oriented supplements I've tried made me feel like I've had to much coffee, or they tasted terrible even when in capsules, but I haven't gotten any of that from this. Sticking with it is key!





Being a passionate golfer, I'm constantly on the lookout for tricks to boost my focus and concentration during my rounds. Ever since I started adding LOCKED IN™ to my pre-golf ritual, I've noticed a remarkable improvement in my mental clarity and decision-making abilities. It's like having a caddy for my brain – I find myself in the zone, nailing accurate shots and smart strategies that have truly taken my game up a notch. LOCKED IN™ has undoubtedly become my secret weapon for a successful day on the greens!



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